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The Porters Grange Learning Powers are based on the work of eminent Stanford Professor Carol Dweck.  She has over the course of 30 years of research found that the human brain is capable of significant growth.  Her work has led to a new field of study on “Growth Mindset” and this is what we are trying to develop with our students.  Nobody arrives in this world able to do everything – we all develop as a result of our learning experiences.  Each time we learn something new, a new neural pathway is opened in our brain and it grows larger!


Like any muscle in our bodies the more we work our brains the larger it will grow.  There is no ceiling on what we can achieve if we have a growth mindset!  To help our children develop a growth mindset we use the following learning powers:


Work together

Don't give up

Be curious

Use your 




Have a go



Each week we focus on one power in particular!  Watch out for the Learning Power each week in the newsletter!  For more information please take the time to look at these links:

Mindsetkit full of information about Growth Mindset aimed at parents and schools.

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Cbeebies an easy to access summary of Growth Mindset

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