About Us

At Porters Grange Primary School we have big ideas and do not set limits on what our children can aspire to and achieve. Our children are encouraged to become confident, creative learners who are resilient and show perseverance. They have respectful, tolerant and caring attitudes and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour acting as excellent role models to others. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive caring primary school which nurtures well rounded, courageous and ambitious children and their passion for learning. 

Our children are encouraged to develop a Growth Mindset through the promotion of learning powers which are:

  • Work together 

  • Don’t give up

  • Concentrate 

  • Be curious

  • Enjoying learning 

  • Use your imagination

  • Have a go 

  • Keep improving


We are very proud of our school and we aim to ensure that all of our children achieve well in their academic and social development by providing the environment, the expertise and the resources to move learning on. We all work together to this end and we hope that the children enjoy a happy primary school career with us.