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PSHE is a valued part of our curriculum and is taught weekly throughout the school. Our intent is to provide a broad and inclusive PSHE curriculum that empowers children with the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep themselves healthy and safe whilst preparing for life and work in our diverse local community and modern Britain.


Our curriculum is inspired and guided by the PSHE Association and we follow the statutory curriculum for relationships and health. Our children follow three core themes: Health and Wellbeing; Living in the Wider World and Relationships. Exploring these themes throughout the school enables progression in the children’s skills and knowledge whilst allowing flexibility in the curriculum to explore subjects that are relevant to the school community at any given time.


Relationships and sex education is taught using the Yasmin and Tom age-appropriate materials. Parents are invited to view the resources used within these lessons so that they are fully aware of what their children will be taught.


In line with our school driver ‘aspiration’, our curriculum also focuses on learning about careers and managing money in our coastal town where seasonal work is prevalent and the unemployment rate is higher than the national average. The bespoke elements of our curriculum are essential in providing our children with the information and skills they need to prepare for their futures.


The protected characteristics are embedded throughout our curriculum and we strive to provide enrichment opportunities to support our teaching of PSHE such as: Careers Week and participation in the My Future, My Southend careers initiative. 


We create a positive and inclusive environment where discrimination and bullying are challenged and children are able to confidently share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

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