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School and Eco Councils

Children are given opportunities to play an active role in the running of the school during their time at Porters Grange. Each class democratically elects representatives to sit on the School Council and the Eco Council. These are positions of responsibility which require commitment and dedication. The children are required to participate in regular meetings, during which they discuss and have input into key decisions on the direction of the school. They then have the responsibility of feeding back details of the meetings to their classes to ensure that the entire school population are involved in the process. 


Prefects play a key role in the smooth running of the school. Children from years 5 and 6 must go through a formal application process, during which they outline why they would make a good prefect. Responsibilities are then allocated to prefects to perform around the school. These roles include supporting lunch staff in the dining hall, monitoring the corridors at the end of breaktimes and acting as play leaders on the playground. Without their hard work and dedication, the school could not operate as smoothly as it does. 

Reading ambassadors

Our reading ambassadors play an important role in promoting reading around the school. They help to organise the class micro-libraries, ensuring that there is a good selection of high quality texts available and that the selection is refreshed regularly. Our ambassadors have been trained with how to use Porters P.I.C.K. in order to help classmates know how to choose a book which is appropriate for them. They also help to organise our wonderful school library.

Principal for The Day

In the summer term, the school conducts an election to decide upon a Year 6 child to be Principal for the day. Candidates run off against each other by developing their manifesto and delivering speeches to the school. The successful candidate then spends the day implementing the changes which they envisioned and carrying out the duties of the Principal. This includes interacting with parents and trustees and supervising the school throughout the day.

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