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Our careers education begins in our PSHE lessons. The children are introduced to jobs and careers and the variety of skills that are needed within different sectors. The children are encouraged to be aspirational and consider how their own interests and achievements may link to their future careers. 

Our curriculum identifies and challenges stereotypes related to education and work. This is enhanced through our participation in the My Future, My Southend (MFMS) initiative. MFMS aims to raise aspirations, challenge stereotypes and broaden children’s horizons. This is achieved by taking part in six half-termly online careers sessions throughout the academic year. During each session, the children are introduced to an industry sector which is relevant to our local community. They engage with three guests per session who work within a particular industry. The professionals talk about their careers and answer the children’s questions. Over the course of the year, the children are introduced to a broad range of careers which we believe is an essential component for raising our children’s aspirations. 

We also successful Careers Weeks where visitors from diverse backgrounds talk to children across the school. Previous talks have included: a broadcast engineer, museum curator, policeman, nurse, small business owner, insurance broker, business analyst for Eurostar, a scientist and an Olympian! 

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