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Year 6 Southend Week

Whilst most of Year 6 went camping at Danbury, those who stayed behind enjoyed: a cooking experience at Waitrose, creative fun and games at East Beach, and a fun swim on Wednesday.

On Monday, the remaining pupils went to Waitrose where they were given a tour of the store and also made chocolate cupcakes (the parents won’t know this as I am guessing they didn’t get any!).

On Tuesday, everyone went on the train to Shoebury East Beach and created beach art, out of sand seaweed and stones, in small groups. Creations included: volcanoes, shipwrecks, Stonehenge, tide pools - one of which looked like a fish. Afterwards we had lunch and played rounders and football, and a few people purchased ice creams and lollies. A great time was had by all as we enjoyed the beautifully sunny weather.

On Wednesday we had our thirty minute regular swimming lesson and a thirty minute fun swim. Year 6 really enjoyed their fun week.

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