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Year 3 visit Hadleigh Roundhouse

The Year 3 children really enjoyed their trip to Hadleigh Roundhouse; the day was full off exciting learning. When we arrived we were greeted by our leaders, Denise and Claire. Each class split into two groups. One group went inside the roundhouse and learnt all about the fascinating lives of Iron Age people - looking at food, fashion, weapons and lifestyle. The house was very different to our homes because there were no separate rooms; in the centre was an enormous fire pit and the children noticed that the house did not have any windows. It was also much colder inside compared to our homes. The second group went to a dig site where the children became archaeologists. They had to carefully excavate the artefacts and then determine what the finds were. We were very surprised to find a human skull with a huge hole on the side. The children also created clay pots using traditional methods and designs.

After lunch everyone went into the roundhouse where we learnt more about wars and battles. Miss Taylor dressed up in chainmail and was decorated like a tribal leader ready to fight. The children then participated in warrior school. They had to learn how to handle a sword and protect vital organs using a shield. Another skill which was taught was how to strike an enemy using a sling shot from the Stone Age. This trip was thoroughly enjoyed by both adults and children.

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