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Football Victory

Our Year 6 football team were excited to play their first league match this week against Bournemouth Park School. As they are our neighbours the team walked over the road to their school field where the match was taking place.

Just three minutes after the whistle Calton, our centre forward, scored an incredible goal placing us in the lead and in high spirits. A few minutes later the ball was in the back of the net again. This time around it was Kevin who headed it into the top corner. Porters took a 2-0 lead into half time.

We came back on the pitch for the second half. Soon enough Garon, our left centre mid, used his incredible speed to out run the opposition and scored an amazing goal in the top corner! This was a 3-0 lead. Bournemouth Park managed to pull a goal to make it a 3-1 lead. Later on in the game we scored two goals to make it 5-1 but, soon enough they got the game back to 5-3. This kicked Porters back into life as they scored two goals late in the game to wrap it up 7-3.

Porters came away with an outstanding win which was a brilliant start to the season.


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