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Tag Rugby tournament

On Thursday 10th March 10 pupils from Year 4 attended the Borough Tag Rugby Tournament at Southend Rugby club. This was a great event and all pupils really enjoyed themselves and got to play lots of Tag Rugby. We had a difficult group (the overall winners of the tournament were in our group!) and as such we did not manage to qualify for the second stage of the tournament but it was such a lovely afternoon and the pupils were enjoying it so much so we stayed and played some friendly games against others schools who had also not progressed on to the second round. Well done to those 10 pupils who represented their school so well.

This week the pupils have been completing their sports relief mile in PE lessons- this has been 3 laps around all 3 playgrounds and they can complete this however they like- run, walk, skip. Well done to you all for completing your mile for such a good charity.

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