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Danbury Residential

On Monday 25th June, 28 Year 6 students set off for the wilds of Danbury for two nights in log cabins and a jam-packed three days of activities. The highly successful Danbury residential had come around again and everyone attending was incredibly excited about what was in store. Over the past four years, children from Porters Grange have visited Danbury Outdoors and every year it seems to become bigger and better with more children going. During the visit the children participated in aerial trekking, climbed a vertical obstacle course, crawled through dark, hot caves, fired arrows on the archery range, navigated around the campsite in an orienteering exercise and learnt bush skills such as how to light fires. There was no stopping! The children learnt lots of new skills and created long-lasting memories. It was great to see everyone really challenging themselves to do their very best. As with every educational visit, the children were a credit to our school and we had a number of the Danbury staff tell us how impressed they were. Here's looking to next year when it will be the turn of the current Year 5. Year 5, make sure you put Monday 1st July to Wednesday 3rd July 2019 in your diaries. I hope to see you there!

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