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Year 5 visit St Mary’s Church and Prittlewell Priory

On Monday the 17th June, Year 5 went on an educational visit to St Mary’s Church and Prittlewell Priory. We were very fortunate with the weather as it was a sunny day so the children and adults were in good spirits. When we were working in the church with the on-site members of staff, it was noted how well-behaved and engaged the children were whilst learning about the history of the church. The children’s knowledge on both the local area and of the historical periods was both astounding and accurate. Whilst we were there the children participated in a quiz about the history of the church, they worked very sensibly in teams and used clues from the church to answer the questions. They were very sensible and respectful of the church and the people around.

After we had visited the church, we took a nice walk down to Priory Park where we went into the vibrant, colourful gardens and sketched some of the scenery and flowers they could see. Once we had taken in the beautiful scenery, we sat down and sketched out part of Prittlewell Priory which was one the buildings the children had researched during our topic lessons – they were very excited as the work was set out into a scavenger hunt. Then, we found a nice shaded area to sit down and have our lunch.

Year 5 were a testament to Porters grange with their good manners and positive attitudes, they made the adults proud.

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