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Year 5 visit Focal Point

In October, Year 5 were given the opportunity to visit local gallery Focal Point, which is situated next to the library in Southend.

The classes, Swordfish and Sea turtle, took part in two different workshops in response to the exhibition of paintings by Liz Arnold and art pieces by Maria Farrar and Samara Scott

The workshops were run by professional artists Louise and Pippa, but first the children had a chance to look at the show and discuss the work, the role of the gallery and how the exhibitions were set up with the curator Laura.

Swordfish’s workshop was inspired by the paintings of Liz Arnold. The children explored pattern and colour, designing their own beetle – one of the motifs found in the paintings. These were later placed into backdrops created using simple drawing or collage techniques.

Sea turtle’s inspiration was the works of Maria Farrar and Samara Scott. Using everyday materials to make printing blocks, the children created repeated patterns in ink. Once made, the printing pages were photographed and projected onto a sculpture, by the class, created from discarded objects.

Both classes enjoyed their visit and were pleased with the outcomes of the workshops. Interesting conversations were shared about the work on display, the techniques used and the reasons for the artist’s choice of image, colour or texture.

We are looking forward to a return visit in the New Year.

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