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Edward Morris visits Year 6

As part of the PE curriculum, we like to encourage the children to try new sports and develop new skills. The Year 6 children have been offered the opportunity to have bowls lessons from Edward Morris who is the National Singles Champion and International Champion. In addition to this he will also be representing England in the World Championships in New Zealand in 2021. The children will be participating in a three-week programme with Edward where he will teach them the rules to the game and the skills needed to be successful. At the end of the three week programme, the children will participate in a competition to see how they have developed their skills. All lessons are, of course, carried out in a socially distanced manner with small group sizes and each child has their own set of balls.

Edward is keen to welcome new members to the bowls community and will happily work with children at Essex County Bowls Club (ECBC) when current restrictions are lifted.

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