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Year 6 Visit Houses of Parliament

On Friday 27th November year 6 went to visit the heart of British Democracy – the Houses of Parliament. Although the

coach journey was arduous we arrived in high spirits. As can be imagined security was tight with everyone checked. Mr

Kyndt and Mr Deadman must have looked very suspicious as they were checked very carefully! However they eventually

joined us in Westminster Hall (the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster) and we met our expert guides.

As we made our way through the magniicent building they regaled us with tales from our history and the exciting events that

have occurred in this historic building. From Churchill during the Blitz, to Guy Fawkes and his plot to destroy parliament, to

the location of the only Prime Minister (Spencer Percival) to be assassinated. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photos

on the tour but some of the areas were truly breath-taking in their scale and beauty. We ended the tour where we started

in Westminster Hall, here we were allowed to take a photo to mark our visit and as a keepsake for the future.

Our day however was not over, from the Houses of Parliament we moved onto another icon of British Society - Tower Bridge.

We had a fascinating tour of the engine works that lift the two halves of the bridge before we made our way up the north

tower. Here we were given a brief talk on the history of the bridge and then we were able to enter the high walkway. Here

forty metres above the Thames we stepped out onto the glass floor. The sensation was a curious one, we felt both elated but

also queasy, I am glad that glass had litle black dots so that there was reference point!

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