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Reception Visit to Hyde Hall

All of the Reception children went to Hyde Hall today by coach. The sun was shining and the children were excited to start their first ever trip at Porters Grange. The staff at Hyde Hall were all friendly and welcomed us upon arrival. The day started with a talk about birds and the different noises birds make. Everyone had to close their eyes and listen to the different sounds. The children then had to investigate beans and find the root of their bean. The children were soon invited to explore different tables of activities. One was a sensory table where children could rub plants and smell their fingers and another table had flowers and plants for the children to use to make their own paintings. There was a 'dead table' too with dead snake skin, frogs, a leg of a hare, owl sick, birds nests and animals bones. Unsurprisingly this table was the favourite of the day! Later on, the children made their own sycamore seed out of paper and were taken on a caterpillar hunt (the staff had hidden some wool in the bushes for this activity). Could the children count up how many ‘caterpillars’ they found? They then made a nature cocktail in a cup by collecting sticks, petals and leaves make their creation. Lunch was outside overlooking the beautiful views of the garden in the peaceful sunshine. After lunch everyone went on a nature hunt and made their own bookmarks out of leaves and petals. Finally the boys and girls enjoyed standing on the bridge and feeding the fish in the pond. Having had such a busy and fun day, there were lots of sleepy children on the coach journey back to school!

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