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Houses of Parliament

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to the Houses of Parliament, which is also known as the Palace of Westminster.

On the way to the Houses of Parliament, we passed by the London Eye, Big Ben and also a nearby park where we stopped for lunch. At 12:00 we finished our lunch and headed off to the Houses of Parliament.

We began our tour in the garden which was full of beautiful flowers. As we entered the building, there was a colossal hall: we couldn’t believe our eyes as we were overwhelmed by the thought of stepping in the same place as royalty often walked. There were beautiful paintings and portraits of all the royalty that lived in this magnificent place. It held over 1000 rooms. We were able to see how the laws of our land were passed and our tour guide told us all about this procedure, as well as the history of the building. On the tour we saw many rooms for example; the House of Lords; the House of Commons and the Royal Chamber.

We really enjoyed our visit and we are now using this knowledge to help us with our argument writing about which laws we think should be passed.

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