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Year 4 Educational Visit to Colchester Zoo

On Friday 16th March Orca and Porpoise classes in Year Four had an adventurous day out at the zoo.

We had a lesson on African animals and their habitats, we saw lazy, golden lions which were sun-bathing on a large rocky hill. We felt disgusted when we fed the giraffes because their breath stunk and we also felt disgusted when we fed the elephants because they got snot all over our hands.

The meerkats were the cutest part and were absolutely adorable, probably everyone fell in love with them.

Some people held little insects and creatures and a group saw the amazing leopard that never ever comes out of hiding and he even looked at two children who were very surprised.

After that we had lunch and then we had 30 minutes left looking at different animals. We then went on the huge amazing climbing frame. We had so much fun but sadly it was time to get back on the coach and go home.

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