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KS1 Borough Sports

On a sweltering day, 10 boys and 10 girls from Year 2 were selected to take part in the Key Stage 1 Borough Sports competition at Garons Park. This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase what they had been learning and what they had been coached in their PE lessons.

The first race was the skipping race. The relay format initially confused the children but a strong finish meant a reasonable and respectable finish however, neither the girl’s team nor the boy’s team were able to make it out of the heats and into the final.

The sprint relay was next and despite strong performances from both teams, the strength of the other schools shone through and meant we could not gain a place in either of the finals.

The space hopper relay however was a different story. The girl’s team went off like a steam train and easily made it into the final.

The boy’s race was unbelievable! They started quick, got quicker through the middle and finished the quickest! They won their heat before any other school had completed their final change over. So, two finals in the same race was already a massive achievement, but full of excitement, both the girls and the boys were confident of winning. The girls finished a respectable fifth in their final and the boy’s final was a carbon copy of their heat. A comprehensive win left the whole team ecstatic!

On to the “eggcellent” egg and spoon race and a “slow and steady wins the race” tactic was employed by the girls which saw them finish in third place and progress to the final. The boys narrowly missed out on the final but they were still positive about their performance. The girl’s final was very “eggciting” with the first three schools having a massive lead going into the final leg, but again the “tortoise” strategy taken by the girls almost saw them catch third on the line but unfortunately it wasn’t to be, so they took a very respectable fourth place.

The final race of the morning saw the whole team come together for an 80 metre sprint relay. With the team tiring from the heat and their past efforts in their earlier events, neither the boys nor the girls could make the final.

On the whole, a very positive morning for the school. It shows that there are some very promising athletes coming up from the younger years who have very exciting futures in the Borough Sports competitions.

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