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Science Day

On Friday 6th July 2018 the children of Porters Grange embarked on a fun packed day of practical science experiments and learning. Each year group participated and showed a keen interest in science, the children asked some brilliant questions and were engaged in the science activities.

In Reception the children were challenged to free the toy figure from ice and after many licked ice cubes the children were successful. Within year 1 the pupils were blindfolded and tested their senses with a range of interesting items. The year 2 children had a carousel of science investigations looking at static, layering liquids, chromatography and much more. A visit to year 3 was full of mystery as the children had unlabelled tins of food that they had the fun of rolling down ramps and using other methods of investigation to determine the contents of each unmarked can. After diving after cans and shaking up the contents the children were able to determine what was inside. Linked to their science learning the year 4 children created musical grasshoppers made from egg cartons and emery boards. After a smelly afternoon of mixing milk and vinegar the year 5 children were able to create plastic souvenirs to link with their connected curriculum learning. The children in year 6 created ocean grabbers and used them to collect a range of objects.

At the end of the day a child from each year group shared their Science learning with the rest of the school in a science assembly, which created a buzz of excitement across the whole school.

The fun science activities continued on to the next week where the children, who took on the ‘Bottle Rocket Challenge’, experienced the thrill of launching their homemade rockets. The launches were a success and the winner (Samia, Year3) was announced in assembly and the children were able to watch video recordings of successful launches as well as the victorious 19 metre win.

Science day was a fun and memorable day and hopefully through days like this we can inspire a love of science for all our children.

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