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Year 2 Dinosaur Day

The trainee palaeontologists of Year 2 enjoyed a bright, hot and action packed day at Hadleigh Country Park to celebrate the end of their Dinosaur topic. The park rangers could not believe how knowledgeable the children were and they made sure the day was a memorable experience.

The morning fun included dinosaur games and making model dinosaurs from clay and the many natural materials found in the environment. Packed lunches were eaten in the shade of the trees before heading back in time and deep into the woods.

As they walked, the children counted their steps, one step for every million years! The trail was marked to show the different periods of time that the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Giant footprints and cracks in the pathways were found as the children made their way to a shady clearing where each group used fallen branches to create huge dinosaur pictures. The dinosaur creations were named and we all loved the “Portosaurus!”

All too soon it was time to return to 2018 and take home some wonderful memories.

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