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Year 6 visit the cinema

Year Six were lucky enough to receive free cinema tickets through the ‘Into Film Festival’, a nationwide event that celebrates film and education for 5-19 year olds. The film screened was ‘Sherlock Gnomes’, a hilarious romp through London in which the titular character (voiced by Johnny Depp) helped foil the crimes of his rival Moriarty, as well as saving the gnomes of London. There were several scenes which took place in landmarks across London, from Tower Bridge to the Tower of London. (Which year 6 have been learning about in our ‘Crime and Punishment’ history topic!)

The children all had a great time, and we will be using the film as a stimuli to task them with creating their own film reviews. A huge thank you to Odeon Cinema Southend for hosting the event, and the Into Film Festival for giving us this opportunity! Who knows, we may have inspired the next Spielberg, Hitchcock or Sofia Coppola of the future!

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