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The Music Man Project

On the morning of Tuesday 18th June we were really excited to welcome the team form The Music Man project to Porters Grange. The whole school was able to sqeeze into the North Hall to join in with the amazing musical activities.

We learnt to sing and sign ‘Music is Magic’ and ‘Peace and Hope’ – some children were brave enough to sing a solo through the microphone. The last song was ‘High, Low, Middle’. We loved joining in with the dance moves. (Reggae, Gangnam style, Boogie Woogie, Flossing) but best of all was the Tango, where pupils and teachers paired up to dance together.

A huge thank you to Mr Stanley and his pupils for giving up their time to come to our school. Every child and adult left the hall smiling and strains of ‘Musc is Magic’ were heard around the school for the rest of the day.

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