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Portico Art and Design Festival

The Portico Art and D.T. Festival took place for the first time this year. It showcased art and D.T. work from across the academy and the exhibition travelled from school to school over a week.

Work was showcased from all the year groups at Porters Grange. The art curriculum was represented with Rangoli patterned prints, seascape paintings, mosaic tiles, self portrait photography, ‘cave painting’ in pastels, paper dolls, masks and sunflowers and a garden diorama.

D.T. displayed work designed and made by the children. This included jack in the box style toys, Stone Age huts, Greek style pottery pots and working moon buggies.

We hosted the exhibition on Thursday the 20th of June and everyone had the opportunity to view the exciting collection of work during school time and at our open evening. Parents and children alike loved seeing the range of art and D.T. on show and we received many compliments for our own school’s contribution from the other schools in the academy.

We hope that this festival will take place annually and are looking forward to seeing what the children create for next year and in the years to come.

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