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Bully Beat Workshop

Orca class took part in a Bully Beat music workshop, where they composed the lyrics and music for an anti-bullying song.

This workshop was funded by MusicOnSea and led by Nathan Timothy,

The children were totally engaged and inspired by the workshop, as evidenced by some of their comments below:

“So, we wrote a song called S.T.O.P. stop.

I Loved it!

It was a great experience with Nathan Timothy.


I would like to do it again.

Yay, it was that amazing.

I enjoyed it very much.”

“I enjoyed it because it was great for other people to stop bullying!”

“I liked the Bully Beat workshop. I had lots of fun. I like how we worked together to write a song.”

“I think it’s amazing the song is called S.T.O.P.

It was super cool. I will give it 7 stars!”

“We wrote a song called S.T.O.P. STOP!

We worked in four different groups, then recorded the song.

I enjoyed it because I got to do one on my own.

I loved it so much.”

“My favourite line is, ‘Kindness is like a diamond in the sky.’”

“I loved it because the whole class made a song together!”

Please take the time to listen to the end result by clicking here.

We are extremely proud of Orca class.

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