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Janelle McCurdy visits Porters Grange

On Monday afternoon, we were fortunate enough to welcome the author Janelle McCurdy into the school due to the links we are starting to build with a lovely local book shop, Jacqson Diego. As part of Janelle’s assembly, the children were invited into the world of fantasy and learnt what an umbra is. They learnt how Janelle’s love of gaming inspired her to write this trilogy series.

Janelle introduced her first two books of the trilogy, ‘Mia and the Lightcasters’ and ‘Mia and the Traitor of Nubis.’ Mia’s home was plunged into a forever night years ago by the shadowy Reaper King. Outside the city walls the umbra roam. Only a special few can tame the umbra to keep the city safe…

After Janelle’s assembly the children returned to class and used this week’s learning power ‘Use your imagination’ to create their own umbra’s. Their creativity and drawing skills really impressed Janelle. She said ‘I can see some future authors and illustrators at Porters Grange!’

The children enjoyed this aspiring experience so much so that several children pre-ordered or returned after school to purchase signed copies! Janelle said she looks forward to visiting again once the final of the trilogy is published.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. Reading is a fundamental part of Porters Grange and we hope the children continue to enjoy books for a lifetime.


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