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Year 3 Trip to Anglian Water Treatment Centre

The trip to the Anglian Water Treatment Centre in Chelmsford opened the pupils’ eyes as to where the water from our taps comes from and how it is cleaned. They got the opportunity to walk around the treatment centre and see all the machinery that is used to purify the water we drink.

In the morning they got to make ‘sewage soup’ in order to highlight the types of materials that end up in the water that needs to be cleaned. They learnt about the importance of not putting baby wipes and fat down the drain. In the afternoon they had the opportunity to look through a microscope at the micro-organisms that purify our water and then recreate one of their choices using plasticine. The pupils had an enjoyable day learning all about water purification.

“I enjoyed learning all about how they clean water.” – Ruby, Starfish.

“I like how they showed us the micro-organisms that clean the water and that we got to make them.” – Edina, Starfish and Aaron, Lobster.

“I enjoyed making the sewage soup.” – Nathan, Lobster.

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